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Welcome to True Bruin Respect

The website that helps you report acts of hostile climate incidents

UCLA is committed to maintaining a campus community that provides the strongest possible support for the intellectual and personal growth of all its members – students, faculty and staff. Each must feel valued, welcomed and included. Acts of hostile climate incidents directed at any of our members are unacceptable and have no place in our community. The True Bruin Respect program has been put in place to aid in responding to such acts. 

What is an act of hostile climate incidents?
Any demeaning, derogatory or otherwise offensive behavior directed toward any individual on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other group characteristics.

What should I do if I experience or witness an act of hostile climate incidents?
You can file a report directly here. There is also a form that can be mailed.

Why should I report an act of hostile climate incidents?
Such behavior is contradictory to the values of the University community. It fragments the community, undermines an individual’s sense of belonging and participation, and damages the University’s aspiration of inclusiveness for all its members. To prevent such behavior in the future, UCLA needs your help in handling these situations. The purpose of reporting is not necessarily to initiate punitive measures but to allow the campus to respond in other ways (e.g., education, counter-speech, etc.) and punitive measures would be initiated only in compliance with University policies and the Constitution.

What happens after I report an act of hostile climate incidents?
Reports submitted through this website will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office, which will assess appropriate next steps. If you are willing to be contacted, the Office will provide assistance. More information is available here.

How can I be assured that my report is confidential?
It is our intent to treat all reports and information submitted via this website with confidentiality to the extent permitted by law.  See more information here.