UCLA Report Bias

True Bruin Respect

UCLA is committed to maintaining a campus community that provides the strongest possible support for the intellectual and personal growth of all its members – students, faculty, and staff.  This commitment includes efforts to ensure that each community member feels valued, welcomed, and included.  To this end, acts of bias directed at any of our members are unacceptable and have no place in our community.  The “True Bruin Respect” program has been put in place to aid in responding to such acts. 

While we all aspire to see a world where bias, bigotry, and other harmful views are things of the past, we are, unfortunately, not there yet.  Acts of hostile climate incidents are still a fact of life, even on our campus.  But with the support of the campus community, and the active involvement of community members reporting these incidents, we can take action as individuals and as a learning community.  And by using this site to report hostile climate incidents, each of us holds the key to starting that process.  Welcome to “True Bruin Respect.”

The “True Bruin Respect” program is intended to aid the campus community and its individual members in responding to acts of hostile climate incidents directed toward any of our members.  In this program, an “act of hostile climate incidents” refers to demeaning, derogatory, or otherwise offensive behavior directed toward any individual on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or other group characteristics.  Such behavior is contradictory to the values of the University community:  it fragments the community, undermines an individual’s sense of belonging and participation, and damages the University’s aspiration of inclusiveness for all its members.